Optio aims to improve the reproductive health options of women around the world through harm reduction strategies and advocacy for policy change. Please scroll down or use the links to the left for more specific information on our projects. To provide support to any of these projects, please visit our donation page.

Reproductive Justice Program

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The Global Hotline for Women’s Health is an international project aimed to help women access reproductive health services in even the most restrictive settings. This hotline connects women in a number of countries to an international call center, providing information about contraceptives, the morning after pill, counseling for rape, and other services at little or no cost, and without threatening the safety of local activist organizations.


Improving Access to Reproductive Health

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This project aims to increase access to low-cost medications that reduce maternal deaths by preventing unsafe abortion and post-partum hemorrhage.  Building on harm reduction models that have been successfully used in Uruguay, Mozambique and Tanzania, Optio is working to ensure that these important medications are widely available in pharmacies and that women know how to use them safely and correctly.  


Changing Policies and Perceptions

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To ensure women’s reproductive health and safety in the long term, the liberalization of restrictive abortion policies is imperative. In an effort to bring about this kind of policy change, Optio is creating visual tools and utilizing social media platforms to challenge traditional values and facilitate discussion. We are also working with local organizations to contest existing laws through legal means. 

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Optio is now devoting resources to support the movement to make the birth control pill available to women without a prescription, and will be actively engaged in fundraising to support research on women's ability to self-select and safely use the pill without the assistance of a health professional. Optio is now accepting donations to support this research.